Jan 17

CNC Plasma Cutting
With our current setup we are capable of cutting up to 2" thick plate. 
We have a plasma head, and also a torch head.
Travel length on the table is 40' and is 10' wide.

CNC Plasma Table

Bending and Rolling

Press Break

The length of our dies are 12'.  Large parts may have to be cut in 10' sections to fit into the press break and then be welded together. 

Plate Roller

Our plate roller can handle sheets up to 12' wide.

Machine Shop
We currently have 2 horizontal mills, a Hurco CNC horizontal mill, and also a lathe. 
We also have the capability for outsourcing to other machine shops.  If we can't do it, we can get you in touch with someone who can.

Machine Shop Layout
Horizontal Mill
Hurco CNC Mill

We have the capability of welding carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. 
We have both MIG and TIG welding capabilities and also stick welding capabilites. 

TIG Welding

Portable Welding and Service Work

Exhaust Fan Wall

Most of our service work is done using stick welding, but we do have the capabilities for portable MIG and TIG welding. 

CAD Design

Screw Conveyor Drawing

We can help you in designing your equipment, or even just update your drawing from pen and pencil to a cad drawing.